CVW-69 "Honeybadgers"

Welcome to the Honeybadgers. We're a virtual squadron based around DCS World and, while we identify as a carrier air wing, truth be told we fly anything and everything,

We try to find the middle ground in the flight simulation community so far as virtual squadrons go. We strive for some semblance of accuracy when flying our aircraft into the AO, but we're not going to make anyone use rank or pass carrier qualifications each month. We've all got real lives, we all have real commitments, and we all use CVW-69 as a way of blowing off steam from the real world.

When we're not in DCS, you can find us in a wealth of other games ranging from the latest shooters to hidden indie gems. While we're a virtual aircraft squadron, we're also just a group of folk who play video games together, and we're always looking for an extra player :)


DCS World 2.5

The main thing you'll need. DCS World is a simulation. Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game, with aircraft being purchased within as DLC. DCS World 2.5 comes with the Su-25T and the TF-51D, so you can try for free prior to dumping actual money into aircraft.

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Most of us are redditors, and most of us found this squadron via the Hoggit subreddit. Hoggit is a community for fans of DCS World and provides a huge amount of value to players, from Tuesday Night Newbies training servers to Georgia At War, a dynamic campaign PvE environment hosted 24/7 for free!

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Georgia At War

Georgia At War is an online, PVE dynamic campaign, where players start with a small foothold in Russian territory near Ukraine and must fight to increase their territory/bases and roll REDFOR back. GAW has support for AWACS, logistics, carrier and LHA based aircraft, ATIS for airfields, and SRS support for communications

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